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New Website

My new site is up and runing with the exception of a few minor details that need to be added/fixed. Also need to find a cool domian name!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frazetta Tribute Gallery

Artists were to reinterpret and pay homage to the grand master of fantasy art Frank Frazetta by creating art that is evocative of Frank's work but not a carbon copy or literal rendition of it. Frank's compositions were strong and based on classical principles, masterpieces of energy and color. Epic and powerful.

Conan the Siege of Aquilonia

Between the time the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. Hither came Conan destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a trubbled brow. After escaping imprisonment, Conan along with his Aquilonian allies staged a revolt against the tyrannical King Numedides.

I made this illustration from my desire when I was younger to have a 3rd film when Conan finally became king and how it happend.

Conan Process

Like most of my work, I started off with a general sketch of what I was imagining at the time in my head. I followed that sketch with a detailed illustration and then on to a final rendering.

Creature from the black lagoon color

Creature from the black lagoon B&W

Creature Recreation Process

When recreating the creature I needed to keep in mind to not change it so drastically to the point that nobody would recognize the creature. I started out designing different ideas of how the creature might look today until I felt I had accomplished my mission. I then started working my black and white values to find where I was planing on putting my light sources.

I did not include the general sketch with elements being placed in the process. I added the detailed sketch and final black and white rendering since my sketches mostly look like scribbles anyway.

Friday, February 18, 2011


This illustration was inspired by the Thai version of the Indian Ramayana. By the ancient Siamese "Thais" it is called Ramakien. Hanuman is the monkey god in the Ramayana epic. I wanted to take ancient concepts and illustrations and make my version as realistic as possible.

When I see something live action with hanuman, I see the actor being very monkey-like and always looking for something over the horizon. I just wanted to add that little bit in the illustraion because its such an iconic pose.


I was motivated to do this because of the new style of werewolves in recent Hollywood films and shows. These hulky brutes scare me more.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Red Sonja! She-Devil with a sword!

I think my point here is clear. I think the whole metal bikini on the newer versions of Sonja is not as distracting as exposed bare breasts.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Predator 10,000 B.C. color

I have always liked the Predator/Aliens series. I wanted to convey that predators are an ancient race of aliens and have been coming to Earth to hunt game millions of years ago. I originally had in mind a predator slaying a T-Rex but felt that the T-Rex might end up being the center of attention when I consider that a big no no.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Smaller Size

Jebediah Crone from Radical Publishing's Abattoir. Art will be published in issue #3.

Danger Zone

I wanted to make a robot, specifically a Decepticon from the Transformers cartoon series. I wanted to try making robots since I am always making fleshy type characters. This will not be the end of my robot designs, but I feel this was a good start.

I also named this character after the Top Gun movie soundtrack cause I'm just that 80's kinda guy.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Black And White Studies

I am an eighties child and feel I grew up with some of the most amazing fantasy films ever made. I just press pause on my DVD's sometimes and do a quick black and white study of light sources and shapes.

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Thulsa Doom version 1

Thulsa Doom from the Kull of Atlantis books. Descriptions were given by Robert E. Howard fans from that said what Doom should look like. Note: Skeletor from Masters of the universe was based on Thulsa Doom.

Description 1: Her name was Saremes, and she had a slave who stood behind her, ready to do her bidding; a lanky man who kept the lower part of his face concealed by a thin veil which fell to his chest.

Description 2: And at that moment there was a noise at the chamber door, and guards entered, haling between them a tall, gaunt form, his face masked by a veil, his arms bound.

Thulsa Doom version 2

Thulsa Doom from the Kull of Atlantis books. Descriptions were given by Robert E. Howard fans from that said what Doom should look like. Note: Skeletor from Masters of the universe was based on Thulsa Doom. This is Doom without the veil and flaming eyes. I kinda like this version. It leaves a little something to be desired.

Thulsa Doom version 3

Thulsa Doom from the Kull of Atlantis books. Descriptions were given by Robert E. Howard fans from that said what Doom should look like. Note: Skeletor from Masters of the universe was based on Thulsa Doom. This is the true face of doom with eyes of fire!

Description: The face of the man was a bare white skull, in whose eye sockets flamed livid fire! Kull saw that it was so, for though the twain were alike in height and general shape, the flesh of the skull-faced wizard was like that of a man long dead.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Death Dealer

This is one of my tributes the late grand master of fantasy art Frank Frazetta. This is my version of his Death Dealer character. I was also inspired during the making of this because a new comic book series of Death Dealer was released and gave a new understanding of the character.

I try and convey a story with every full blown illustration I make. In this scene what I imagined going on was that after being birthed into becoming the Death Dealer, previously the rider and whole village was brutally massacred. Maybe there could be a love interest somewhere in the story. Definatley a story of revenge.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Monster Hunter Extraordinaire

My Gamex Steampunk art contest submission called "Monster Hunter Extraordinaire." I got third place, but this was my first time getting my name out there. This and the other winners can also be seen at Gamex's site

First Z-Brush Sculpting

I have more to learn but this was my first crack at it.